Enduring Love - Review

Enduring Love - Review

For this paper, I am going to write about one of my favourite films, Enduring Love, which has Daniel Craig and Rhys Ifans in starring roles, with Samantha Morton and Bill Nighy supporting them.

This British film deals with a lot of different issues including relationship problems, dealing with a traumatic event and the differences between love and obsession. Joe (played by Daniel Craig) is a college teacher and book writer who lives with his sculptor girlfriend Claire (Samantha Morton) and chronicles the aftermath of a traumatic event where Joe, a rather whimsical character named Jed (Rhys Ifans) and several others attempt to rescue a boy and his grandfather from an uncontrollable hot air balloon. As they attempt to remove the boy from the balloon, the balloon shoots up higher into the air, after the boy pulls the wrong cord.
The attempted rescuers are bared with no other choice but to let go of the balloon, before it rises too high in the air. All of which do, except for one man, John, who bravely continues to hang on to the balloon by a rope, but tragically falls to his death.

This particular scene is a very moving and harrowing one, as the director makes it very clear and very obvious about the fate of John. Including actually showing him fall from the great height onto the grassy meadow, and later showing John’s remains in amongst a herd of sheep. Disturbingly, he is sat bolt upright with his legs and upper torso completely mangled, and blood dripping from his nose and mouth.

This opening scene tie’s together with Joe, his girlfriend Claire and two other friends, who are eating dinner together around a table, with only a few candles to light their faces. They discuss the whole scenario still filled with shock and admiration for John, although now there is an undercurrent of humour as they describe how he fell to the ground similarly to a cartoon character. As the two scene’s switch back and forth there is a very obvious disparity between the light,...

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