Energetically Modified Cements

Energetically Modified Cements

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ENERGETICALLY MODIFIED CEMENTS High quality cements with over 50% fly-ash or quartz sand

Ladies & Gentlemen, I thank Intercem for inviting me to speak here today. My attendance here will be divided into two presentations. In this first presentation I will address the issue of emissions from cement production, the challenge faced in reducing these emissions and how EMC proposes to address these challenges. In the second presentation, later today, I will share with the audience the challenges that are to be confronted in bringing new technologies to the markets and the progress that EMC has made and continues to make to overcome these. Cement Production and CO2 Emissions There are varying reports on the CO2 emissions from Portland cement production. The industry seems to have settled on a figure of around 5% of global emissions. It is the view of EMC Cement that this is a far too conservative figure and that the figure is closer to 10%. To the extent that this figure is not already reached, with China’s expected growth to 1 billion tons of cement production within a few years and the reduction of emissions from other sources, this figure will be reached very shortly. Indeed, in all likelihood it will be surpassed. Our estimates are based on the following calculation: Global cement production at present is about 1.9 mill tons and with estimated continued expansion of China’s cement production it will exceed 2 billion tons in the next few years. In the most modern cement plants about 970kg of CO2 is emitted for each ton of clinker produced. With Portland cement consisting of about 95/96% ground Portland clinker, clinker emissions contribution to Portland cement emissions is about 926.4 kg per ton Portland cement produced. In addition comes the energy consumed in the clinker grinding process which represent about 12% of total emissions placing total emissions at 1.0527 tons of CO2 for each ton of Portland cement produced.

On the basis of global production of...

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