Energy conservation of industrial boiler

Energy conservation of industrial boiler

With the increasing costs of resource and awareness of environmental protection,reducing the energy consumption and the heat loss become an imperative matter of the industrial boilers.the experts from China-boiler-manufacturer ZG give us the following suggestions to achieve that.

optimizing the heating way of industrial boiler

Combustion modes of industrial boiler are layer combustion,chamber combustion and boiling combustion,because the space design of industrial boiler is not perfect,in most conditions,the fuel can not be burned sufficiently,so,changing the type of boiler and improving the combustion condition are the basis of the normal operation of industrial boilers.

Increasing the combustion efficiency

For the layer combustion of large industrial boiler,according to the characters of staged combustion and different consumption of coal,we can take segmented air supply measures,which is adding a secondary air supply with maintaining the temperature of furnace at the same time,to enhance the thermal efficiency by sufficient combustion of coal dust in fuel gas.

Ladder application of thermal energy

The rise of combustion efficiency becomes more difficult because of the maturity of combustion level,therefore,enhancing the utilization efficiency Of thermal energy in the heat transfer process,realizing the ladder application by considering the using and recovery of high grate energy first,then using the low grate energy,will have goos economic benefit.
Waste heat recovery

A lot of high temperature flue gas exists in the operation of industrial boiler,if it can be recovered to use again, we can achieve the energy conservation in some degree.

There are so many ways to reach our aim of energy conservation,to adapt to the development of our society,we must explore them continually.

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