Energy Drink Age Restriction

Energy Drink Age Restriction

Seth Ordoña


English 1010

Rhetorical Essay

Energy Drink Age Restriction?

As far back as 1900’s, energy drinks have been used for everything; from medical use to replenishing energy. But as the decades went on, many energy drinks began to add more and more “energy enhancing ingredients” such as ginseng, l-carnitine, guarana seed extract, and concentrated caffeine. These ingredients improved the drinks ability to give consumers energy, but these concentrated chemicals have severe effects on the younger population. An age restriction on energy drink purchases is a good idea because of the health issues from excessive caffeine, dependency on caffeine, and it’s inappropriate use by consumers.

First of all, excessive levels of caffeine can lead to major health issues. According to, a majority of the most popular energy drinks have the most excessive amounts of caffeine in them. Monster Energy drinks and Rockstar energy drinks, the most popular of energy drinks, contains 160 mg of caffeine, whereas a common can of Coca-Cola only contains 34.5 mg of caffeine (Gemmets). These excessive levels of caffeine can have an extremely negative effect on the body. According to Thornton Natural Healthcare Centre, prolonged intake of caffeine can lead to cardiovascular issues, blood sugar swings, nutritional deficiencies, frequent urination, adrenal exhaustion, acid imbalance, and possibly ulcers (Thornton). Within these health issues, a dependency can be created on these energy drinks and their high caffeine levels.

Secondly, energy drinks consumption can create dependencies and addictions. As many have learned in health class, caffeine is a drug. As is with most drugs, you can become addicted to the effects, or become dependent on the effects of caffeine. Caffeine is as addictive of a substance as nicotine, according to (Gemmets). Common with other drugs, a person can develop an addition to caffeine. The need to...

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