Energy Efficiency in Sa

Energy Efficiency in Sa

South Africa energy efficiency

In south Africa we take energy for granted, Energy efficiency in South Africa start receiving attention due to low cost of South Africa’s electricity, the improvement of energy efficient in South Africa industry in particular for increasing the profit and to reduce greenhouse gas, Greater efficiency in south Africa will improve the financial and environmental benefits . South Africa is a developing nation with its significant heavy industry which is energy, to make our world more energy efficient we need to increase the efficient of power generations use smart grids and power-saving energy transmission expending and distribution energy, use of renewable energy and develops energy efficient solution for power supple and access. The energy we use in South Africa is higher than it should be, the energy efficiency benefit upon the environment are self-evident. Such positive contribution to both our physical and economical environment wills inevitable benefits our social wellbeing. Energy efficiency reduces the atmospheric emission of harmful substances such as oxides of the sulphur, oxides of nitrogen and smoke. Energy efficiency will be improved through enabling instruments and intervention including economic and legislative means information activities, it is fast gaining ground as a cost-effective to approaching all aspects of sustainability.


Japan one of the most efficient countries

Japan has very little energy production, when it comes to energy efficiency from cars to the environment it has been seen that it is the most efficient country , it is also forced to import most of its fuels supply creating a powerful economic incentive to use to use those expensive imports efficiently, it has also turned to energy efficiency to keep down the fuel bill and also to control the its carbon dioxide,


It to reduce the dependence on the foreign fossil fuel dating all the way back to the oil crisis According...

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