Energy Efficient Condensing Gas and Oil Fired Boilers

Energy Efficient Condensing Gas and Oil Fired Boilers

Energy Efficient Condensing Gas and Oil Fired Boilers

Condensing boilers are the most energy efficient central heating boilers on the market today. They can be up to 10-15% more efficient than a modern conventional boiler and up to 30% more efficient than older boilers, so the energy saving and the impact on your fuel bills can be significant.

They achieve this high level of efficiency by removing the heat from the fuel it is burning and also cooling the products of combustion, which are normally wasted up the flue in conventional boilers, so much so that the water vapour in them turns into liquid. This happens at around 55°C. For a boiler to cool the flue products this much, it has to have a larger, more efficient heat exchanger than traditional boilers. This does mean that condensing boilers cost a little more, but the resulting fuel savings mean the extra cost will normally be recovered in 2-4 years.

There is also another benefit obtained by the water vapour turning into liquid; it gives up energy, which is called latent heat. This latent heat adds to the rest of the heat to make the overall efficiency of a condensing boiler approximately 15% greater than a modern non-condensing one. The more efficiently the boiler runs, the less fuel it uses, therefore the less carbon dioxide it produces and the less it costs to run.

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Current Regulations

The rules for gas and oil installations are designed to protect you and your family and the standards are regularly improved. From 1 April 2005, all central heating boiler installations fall under the control of building regulations (the change applied to oil fired central heating boilers from 1 April 2007).

If you are planning to install or replace an existing gas or oil fired boiler, you need to choose a condensing boiler with either an ‘A’ or ‘B’...

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