APPLICATION TO GRADUATE PROGRAMS I. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO GRADUATE PROGRAMS Candidates may choose to submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and/or Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) scores instead of ALES scores. Higher Education Council (YÖK) resolution Number 2844-18626 dated August 24, 2005 designates the minimum acceptable GRE and GMAT scores as follows: A minimum score of 450 in GMAT – equivalent to 55 in ALES A minimum score of 500 in GMAT – equivalent to 70 in ALES A minimum GRE Quantitative Section score of 610 – equivalent to 55 in ALES A minimum GRE Quantitative Section score of 685 – equivalent to 70 in ALES Some Graduate Institutes may require both ALES and GMAT scores.

Applicants to Doctoral programs should receive a minimum score of 55 in the Inter-university Foreign Language Examination (ÜDS) or its equivalent in a foreign language test accepted by the Inter-university Board.

Language of instruction at Bogazici University is English. Candidates wishing to start their program directly must prove their proficiency in English through an exam accepted by the University Senate before submitting their applications. Those candidates should take any one of the tests listed below and receive the minimum acceptable score.

Candidates who are not proficient in English or those who fail in the BU English Proficiency Test are given a Placement Test by the School of Foreign Languages. Applicants must be ranked at least as “Intermediate” for their applications to be considered. For information on the Placement Test application dates and test fee, please refer to the YADYOK webpage: http://www.yadyok.boun.edu.tr

Exemption from English Proficiency tests: The following are exempt from English proficiency tests: a) those who apply to the graduate program no later than two academic years after their graduation from an undergraduate program at Bogazici University; b) Students enrolled in a Master’s...