eng 221

eng 221

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Course Title

Team Members/Contact Information


Time zone and
Availability During the Week

Isaac Lo

808 426 3167

HST prefer texts, which can be done at any time

Christopher Labar

928 920 7893

Mon – Sunday, 3pm – pm Pacific Time

Ana Acosta

620 803 1717

Mon – Sat, 9 am – 9 pm

Edward Flynn

661 754 1547

Mon – Fri, 7 am – 8 pm Pacific


Team Ground Rules and Guidelines
What are the general expectations for all members of the team?
Participation and communication are a must if participation points and assignment credit are expected. Everyone participates to make a successful team. Open communication is very important. Honesty and integrity in your work.

Expectations for Time Management and Involvement
(Participation, communication with the team, accessibility, etc.)
Every one of us has other responsibilities in our lives. However, our team assignments are also responsibilities not only to ourselves, but to each other and we must conduct ourselves as such. With open communication we as a team will communicate with one another regarding team assignments. If help is needed to complete a portion of an assignment it is the responsibility of team member to reach out to the other team members. Please post all questions to the team forum so that everyone on the team can view and has the ability to offer assistance.

Ensuring Fair and Even Contribution and Collaboration
What strategy will you use to ensure that all team members are contributing and collaborating appropriately? Describe the communication strategy you will use if a team member is not contributing and collaborating effectively. How will the team manage conflicts between team members?
In my opinion, it would be conducted...

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