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Mid-range workstation with an excellent balance of performance and scalability
Dell Precision™ Workstations

Best-in-class chassis design

Precision is the key element that separates greatness from
everything else. Dell Precision is your key tool for creating
architectural drawings, performing complex engineering design
work or wringing the most from any performance intensive
application. Our revolutionary workstation-class products
offer voracious productivity, Independent Software Vender (ISV)
certification1, superb reliability, and harmonious manageability to
maximize your productivity and dependability.

The Dell Precision T3600 features a totally redesigned chassis,
enabling you to perform service and modifications with greater
ease than ever before with features such as:

Built to work for you
The Dell Precision T3600 offers powerful performance for
exacting workstation workloads such as mainstream 3D,
advanced engineering, digital content creation, CAD/CAM, and
design environments. Dell workstations are tailored to your
needs and are available in a wide range of configurations that are
ISV certified for a broad range of professional applications, so you
can rest easy knowing your professional-grade system can handle
your specific workload.

Experience the evolution of productivity
Power through resource-exhausting and graphics-intensive
workloads with the advanced design of the dual socket Dell
Precision T3600 featuring:
• Intel® Xeon® processor E5-1600 or E5-2600 family
• Up to 64GB4 of quad-channel ECC or non-ECC memory
• Choose from a broad selection of AMD or NVIDIA® graphics
• Experience the power of NVIDIA Maximus® technology,
featuring Quadro and Tesla GPUs that simultaneously enable
simulation and design on a single system
• Protect your investment with Generation 3 PCIe slots to...

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