´╗┐ECET-310 Week 6 Lab Coversheet Name:
BPSK modulation and demodulation


The purpose of this lab is to use the program Tutor TIMS to modulate and demodulate a BPSK signal. Taking a digital signal input of 0 and 1 combination will allow this system to modulate this to a BPSK signal. Also you can then set up a demodulation system to get the original signal back from the BPSK signal.

Key Results:

Through doing this lab I was able to successfully modulate a BPSK signal using a sequence generator and multiplier in Tutor TIMS. On the changes in voltage from the input signal you can then see the change in the BPSK signal showing it is correct.

I was also able to demodulate the BPSK signal to the original signal. I noticed that you could control the phase of the output by using the phase shifter. Setting it at + 180 like stated in the lab would give you the opposite signal as the input and changing that to 0 would give you the similar input signal.

I noticed that when demodulating to the original signal there was a slight oscillation when changing states and this was proportional to the gain on the second 60kHz LPF.

Key Conclusions (technical):

Through doing this lab I have seen how using certain processes can produce the output that you need. I found it interesting to see using a phase shifter, multiplier and two low pass filters you could essentially get back the input signal.

Key Conclusions (critical thinking):

After doing this lab I was able to gain a better understanding on how BPSK modulation and demodulation work. It was especially helpful to see how changing different parameters on the modules affected the output.

Lab 6 Report


a) To modulate a BPSK signal
b) To demodulate a BPSK signal
c) To compare the input and output signals


I was able to complete this lab and obtain accurate modulation and demodulation of a BPSK signal....

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