Engineerig Report

Engineerig Report

650460Norwalk City PwsOH3901111
March 19, 2008 Re: Huron County
Application No. 650460 ws
{PWS_TYPE} Water System
Norwalk City Pws - OH3901111 (PWS ID)

Dale Sheppard
Norwalk City Pws
38 Whittlesey Ave
Norwalk, OH 44857

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has reviewed the enclosed plans submitted pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Sections 6109.07 et. seq., or accepted the certification of plan review by an authorized professional engineer pursuant to a contract therefore. These plans are approved subject to the condition of compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and standards. The applicant is responsible for obtaining all other necessary approvals, waivers or releases required by state, federal or local law prior to implementing this plan. Further, all construction must be supervised by a registered engineer, if required by law, or expert qualified in such work.

(c) This approval shall become void five years from the date of this letter unless the facilities are constructed as proposed by that date. By accepting this approval, the applicant acknowledges that this deadline shall not be considered or construed as extending or having any effect whatsoever on any compliance schedule or deadline set forth in any administrative or court order issued to or binding upon the applicant, and the applicant shall abide by such compliance schedules or deadlines to avoid the initiation of additional legal action by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

(g) This approval shall apply only to those water supply facilities shown on the plans cited above. Any waste handling facilities shown on these plans must have a separate waste handling approval....

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