Engineering Report

Engineering Report

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Engineering Report-Biomedical Engineering

Kingscliff High School
Year 11
Lachie Sprott
This engineering report will examine the biomedical engineering profession by comparing and contrasting two bio-engineered products. As a part of the Kingscliff High School year 11 engineering studies class I have researched and discussed the topic of biomedical engineering. The following report will focus on prosthetics and the cochlear implant (bionic ear).

Biomedical engineering utilises areas of mathematics and engineering to replace, enhance and repair biological systems. It is one of the newest areas of study and one of the fastest growing areas in research and development. Biomedical engineers need to be able to work with other professionals, particularly in the medical field, so that they can work together to develop a product that will suit a purpose perfectly. These developments rely on engineering principles such as material properties along with biological processes. Some current projects currently in the biomedical world include portable ultrasound systems and photo-medical technologies. In this report I will focus on the prosthetic leg and the cochlear implant (bionic ear).
The health and Safety issues
In the field of biomedical engineering there are a range of health and safety issues, ones in which affect the engineer, the recipient of the biomedical engineered product, or the doctor/surgeons. However the health and safety issues are very much the opposite of what they would be in the majority of other engineering fields. Risks to the engineer and surgeons include the exposure to diseased tissue which can lead to infection. On the other hand, the health and safety of the recipient or user is also very crucial. It’s the engineer’s job to ensure the product or item is made correctly and is suitable for the patient. E.g. if an artificial organ fails away from the theatre or laboratory this puts the...

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