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Junior Asirifi
Mr. Patrone
October 21st 2011
Conference # 1
Freedom of Expression (how far should it go)
* Thesis - The constitution sets out to secure peoples freedoms and civil rights, it goes against the constitution if a person's rights were violated in the perusal of freedom. Freedom of Expression, perhaps one of the most controversial topics in the Universal Declaration of Rights, is an essential piece of democratic rights and freedoms. Yet this particular topic can also bring upon issues, arguable disputes that may lead to protestation, and often times can cause violence amongst the general public as a society. Canada strives to have a well functioning democracy, where every human being is treated equally and obtains every right and freedom as everyone else. In order for this to be maintained by Canadians, the public must be able to have a freedom of expression.

Paragraph #1 - To start off this essay on freedom of expression, this first paragraph will go through its origin, how it came into power, and its impact and importance in Canada.

Paragraph #2 - In this part of the essay, issues and arguable topics about freedom of speech will be looked upon, Topics like how far should expression go, and should it be limited will also be discussed.

Paragraph #3 - This particular paragraph will go through the positive and negative aspects of freedom of speech

Conclusion - thesis is somewhat restated, and point are proven

* Seminar Outline - For my seminar of freedom of expression, I will be doing a PowerPoint presentation.
* Slide 1 - Introduction to my topic - 2mins

* Slide 2 - How far should it go? *activity with class* - 5mins

* Slide 3 - Outline the act, its relevance and importance to Canada - 2mins

* Slide 4 - Short video clip - 5mins

* Slide 5 - Conclusion - 1min