English 125

English 125


Team C
Eunice Osei, Brian Kelnhofer, & Lori Sanchez
Dr. Hemmye
April 13, 2015

Joan Didion, “On Going Home”

According to Joan Didion's "On going home" continuing changes in life makes it almost impossible to remove memories of one's past. Especially when one has been away from a previous home, which that person was raised, then return to that same home a number of years later. In a home where family and friends shared memories of events, news, gossip and situations, whether it is bad or good. Old artifacts and various family heirlooms in the home that stimulates a memory of those old times when used. Surrounding areas of that old home are remembered just as well. Being in a new home makes the old memories even more misses. These may be the strongest influences in why memories are kept and remembered.   This work accurately reflects on society, and it encourages people to think about the passage of time, the preciousness of family, and how the beloved concept of home is one that cannot last forever and cannot "go back to" exactly. (Eunice Osei).
On Going Home is an interesting conception of the true meaning of being “home”. I left my home when I was nineteen to join the Army and after I got out I joined Blackwater, now known as Acedemi. I have spent most my life away from home, does it bother me, not really. The moment you walk into your patents door and smell the home cooked meals you’re flooded with emotions and memories, some bad and some good. It’s nostalgic to remember the simpler days when you could lay on the soft grass under the sun with your brothers and sisters. As we grow up we take on different responsibilities not only to our spouse and children but our careers as well. I lived on the road, I travel to other countries so my idea of home is clouded by my profession. Planes and hotels (if it’s a cushion contract) replace my family camping trips. Cots replace the old creaky bed I used to sleep on and MREs replace home...

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