English as the Global Language

English as the Global Language

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Christine Cleophat 10/14/08

Family problems

Some families have trouble dealing with life’s inevitable crisis. In these families even relatively problems are not resoled but take on the appearance and feel of major dilemmas. Thus, the most common types of family problems are the inability to manage or resolve conflicts and disagreements, lack of communication and insufficient emotional support have reinforced these families’ problems.

Family problems come in all shapes and sizes. The only thing is the way you deal with them or aboard them. At first, the inability to manage or resolve conflicts and disagreements is the most common type of problem among families. This usually occurs because family members avoid discussing problems or even avoid admitting that problems exist. This allows the conflicts to continue – which, while causing some discomfort and unhappiness, allows the family to avoid what they see as the greater discomfort of facing the problem. They fear the cruel reality. Some families just have not learned the skills of negotiating, or for some reason, just can’t let go of bad or hurt feelings. Children are likely to pattern their behavior after their parents’ behavior and may learn to refuse to talk about their feelings and problem. They become introverted.

As another type of family problems is the lack of communication. Family members avoid talking to one another because they don’t want to hurt one another or haven’t learned how to listen or understand what others are trying to say through their expressions, actions or words. The lack of communication is also the main cause of the rising divorce rate.

As a final type of family problems is the insufficient emotional support. Families are, especially for children, the most important source of emotional support. Children like to...

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