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English book

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Content and meaning:

1- Briefly explain what happens in the poem?
In this poem its describing how the families and people how they have no water and how precious it really is to them.

2- What sort of environment is the poem set in? Give evidence to support you answer?
The environment that this poem is set in is a very bad trashed place where there is poverty and depression.

3- What do we learn about the religious beliefs of the people in the poem?

4- How does the phrase ‘municipal pipe’ suggest social inequality?
Its meaning how everything is falling apart and the place is trash.

5- What is the blessing in the poem?
The blessing is the poem is the title of the poem and its meaning how they bless for the place to be polished to perfection and for them to have sun shining down on them.


1- How does the way the poem is divided up into stanzas reflect the stages of the poem?

2- The second half of the poem forms on long sentence. Why do you think the writer choose to do this?

3- Why does the stanza two begin with the word imagine?

4- What idea is repeated in this stanza and what is the effect of this repetition?

5- Why do you think the poet has chosen not to put any commas between the words ‘ man woman child’?

Key teaching Points:
To read the poem
To consider how the poem presents people and their way of life

Key terms:
Metaphor – a metaphor is a figure of speech that describes a subject by asserting that it is
Image- A representation of the external form of a person or thing in sculpture, painting etc.

Imtiaz Dharker was born in Pakistan in 1954, grew up in Glasgow and now lives in Bombay.


What are your first impressions of the poem?
My first impression of the poem is , that is about a place that is built with poverty and a trashed place with no water, no food and nothing to do. They are all blessing for it to be a better...

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