English Coursework

English Coursework

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In this essay I am going to show the different techniques the director uses. And also talk about the characters such as Shrek. I am going to be talking about how the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to manipulate tradition of fairy tales.

In Traditional fairy tales ogres are man-eating beasts. The Prince usually rescues the Princess they marry and live happily ever after. But in the case of Shrek they reverse this in the sense to reveal that the ogre is good and the Prince is evil.

The makers of Shrek use presentational devices such as Snow White to manipulate the tradition of fairy tales. In Snow White she is freed from the spell by a Prince and lives happily after. But in Shrek it is the other way around they use the Ogre to be the hero. Reason being was as it used to help create a sense of comedy and make the movie interesting. Along with Shrek other characters from fairy tales have been added behaving in strange ways. The film Shrek is like a fairy tale which is completely the opposite from what is expected at first sight.

As the film starts, peacefully a traditional romantic music is playing in the background with a large book opening revealing a story about princess who is rescued by a prince. Shrek is the narrator as he reads part of the story which is used to lead the viewers in to believing that it is going to be another fairy tale. Moments later you can quote Shrek saying “Like that’s ever gonna happen”, snapping the book shut. This followed by rap music playing which is telling you that this no traditional fairy tale. The director manages to create a false mood. The scene changes with Shrek’s hand ripping out a page showing a small hut which is a toilet. You hear the chain flush and for the first time in film from a long shot you see Shrek open the door and come out their for introducing the character Shrek. Camera angles for important for this scene as it’s the main opening to the movie and also it shows many different...

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