How many of you know what‘s the picture of this? Actually, it’s an APP for Apple and Android users. It was developed to force ourselves to focus on our study, cutting our obsession with our phone. It works very simple but also very rude. Being too addicted to social networking and these APPs can cause some serious problems, so it is necessary to stop it. Now I will show the three bad consequences resulted from overuse of social network. They are: Distraction while working, isolated in real life, weakening in thinking.

Social Networking sites are the center of distraction while at work. There is a research showed that almost 60% time for distraction are wasted exchanging different windows of social network, email, sms, 45% staff can work continually without any interruption for 15 min and 53% staff at least, waste 1 hour on social networking. It’s obvious that distraction has killed most of our efficiency.

Social networking also makes us feeling lonely in real life. Let’s think about why social networking is developed? What’s its initial aim? In light of the fact that we’re too busy to meet with each other and to involve ourselves in socializing, it gives us chance to communicate through Internet and generally, is aimed at building relationship.
But what’s happening now? It is not possible to make real relationship if people do not meet face to face. For example, Mr. Flowers do you know all 768 friends you currently have on Facebook, Mr. Bradley do you know all 1,788 friends you have on Facebook, or Mr. Williams do you know all 2,464 friends occupied on Facebook account and I can go on and on. Don’t be the slave of social networking.

Thirdly, social networking sites weaken your thinking. Nowadays, young people are too engaged in tools for entertainment, such as social networking, mobile phone, and so on. What do we usually do in Social Networking Sites? Girls tend to upload their photos, which are carefully elected, to gain respect or admiration or...

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