English grammar

English grammar

Look at the 10 multiple choice questions on the assessment sheet overleaf. This is part 1 of a level assessment which is sent out to our overseas students. You will obviously have no problem in finding the correct answer, but explaining your choice can be more problematic.
What do you think is being tested in each question? Explain in your own words or use grammatical terms if you know them.

1 Past Perfect Tense
This question is testing the simple present tense used for habitual actions/routines.

2......Preposition of time. At here is used for specific time. √

3... Degree of Comparison
A little more of an explanation is required, such as this question is testing the comparative adverb to compare badminton skills.

4...... Preposition of time. √
‘Since’ is a preposition used here in conjunction with the present perfect tense (have been) to show that an action started in the past and continues on into the ‘now’.

5... Pronouns (plural form)
Reflexive pronoun.

6..... Degree of Comparison
This question is testing the comparative adjective ‘good’.

7....... Quantitative Adjective √
‘Enough’ is a quantifier used to show lack of biscuits on the plate.
8......Countable Nouns
‘Any’ is a determiner which is used to determine the lack of money.

9......Past Perfect Tense
The correct answer is b) will have been. However, what is being tested is the correct tense of the verb ‘to be’. The sentence indicates that something will happen (collection of tickets) and must be completed before something else happening (Film begins). ‘Begins’ is the simple present tense but in this case refers to future time. So the action collecting tickets must be completed by a definite time in the future. This indicates the future perfect should be used. Future perfect takes the form of ‘will have’ + past participle.

10...Conjunctive Adverbs
The grammatical item being tested is the use of ‘nevertheless’ as a connective to introduce a...

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