English Ii

English Ii

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Why do I deserve an “A”? It’s pretty explanatory, through my work itself. I’m not only a hard worker but I work diligently on my work. Completely finishing my work is one of my top skills when it comes to projects like this. My poster says it all, I have exactly what the rubric says, it’s all creative, but to the point. My poster is very appealing due to my photos and vivid description about all of them.

I clearly have the best poster in the class. Look how it’s glossed up and well prepared. It’s all on topic I don’t zone out to random categories. This would have to be the perfect poster for this project to receive an A because of all the hard work I put into it and how I followed the rubrics’ guidelines. The work that has been done on this poster deserves an A.

The posters design fits all the criteria of the rubric such as creative, interesting, and powerful. Also the layout is all together and not randomly all over the place. My composition is one of the most important parts of the paper and is why I really took out the time to do it the way it should be instead of speeding through it. Designing this poster took a lot of time but it was well worth it in the end.

My photo-story/ Identity poster tells you all you need to know about me and the kind of person I am. It is very clear to read and understand. I worked consecutively hour to hour to make it come to life. The poster has definitely achieved its purpose if meaning to deserve A. Content on my poster is all in check including all the requirements on the rubric.

My presentation will seal the deal for my A and be the finishing touch to your astonishment for all the hard work I put into it. Everything on this poster completely fits into every category on the rubric detail to detail. I can’t vouch long enough on how much I deserve an A for this project but I really deserve it.

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