English Mini-Research (Introduction)

English Mini-Research (Introduction)

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I. Introduction

This study is all about MSY Students’ attitude toward Suicide.
The study involves MSY students’ from the secondary level of the English Section. The existence of suicide has been relevant since the beginning of mankind. And there have been many studies undertaken in understanding suicide with elaborated details. But the sole purpose of this study is to analyze the views and awareness of MSY Students toward Suicide.

Suicide, we would rather not talk about it. We hope and pray it will never happen to anyone we know, we feel sympathetic when we find out that it happened to someone or somewhere but suicide is a reality, and it is more common than one might think. The possibility that suicide could claim the life of someone you love cannot be ignored. It is the third leading cause of death for 15 to 24 year olds, and the sixth leading cause of death for 5 to 14 year olds. The pressure on juniors and seniors is intense. They feel that they must succeed academically, socially and athletically. They feel that they absolutely have to get into the right college. They push themselves to the limit. All you have to do is add other factors like sexuality and family issues such as divorce or finances and you have a recipe for disaster. (Robert Kennedy)

Facts about Suicide
Many who attempt suicide never seek professional care.
There are twice as many deaths due to suicide than HIV/AIDS.
80% of people that seek treatment for depression are treated successfully.
15% of those who are clinically depressed die by suicide.
There are an estimated 8 to 25 attempted suicides to 1 completion.
1 in 65,000 children ages 10 to 14 commit suicide each year.
Substance abuse is a risk factor for suicide.
The strongest risk factor for suicide is depression.
An average of one person dies by suicide every 16.2 minutes. (CDC, AAS)
There are four male suicides for every female suicide. (CDC, AAS)
Research has shown medications and therapy to be effective suicide...

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