English Outlines

English Outlines

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* The course outline is posted on Omnivox*

Course Title: Literary Genres - Women Writers and the Short Story

Course Number: 603-102-MQ Section: 026 Semester: H13

Course Hours per Week: 2 hours of theoretical work
2 hours of practical work
4 hours of homework

Teacher: Karen Rhodes Office: D-545
Email: Please use MIO

Office Hours: As announced in class, posted on Omnivox, and by appointment.

Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed Introduction to College English 603-101 to register for this course.

Course Description:
This course examines the evolution of the short story genre by women writers. We will explore how the female perspective deals with social, economic, political and historical changes over the last couple of centuries by studying short stories from around the globe. We will examine how writers use the genre of the short story to express their viewpoints and explore issues such as sexuality, poverty, social class, racism and old age, and how the writing of women has documented the times we live in, and how events and circumstances shape our lives. Although the course concepts and short stories are taken from the perspective and through the viewpoint of women, the concepts and social realities under discussion have relevance to both men and women and have implications for all of us, both male and female. In this course, students will be asked to reflect on the issues discussed, their personal reactions and thoughts on the authors’ techniques, main ideas and theses of the texts

Objectives and Standards:
The objective of this course is to enable students to apply a critical approach to literary genres. Students will learn to recognize literary genres and conventions. Students will also learn to situate a work within its literary and historical contexts and to analyze...

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