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How will global warming affect human health?

Global warming has many effects on human health some cause very harsh heart attacks and some of the other effects are different respiratory problems.”Global warming will cause more deaths in summer because of higher temperatures but these will not be offset by fewer deaths in milder winters finds an analysis published online ahead of print in Occupational and Environment Medicine.” This shows that cause more deaths because the food limits and water limits will be lower because of the increase in many areas.

“The Harvard researchers analysed city-specific weather data related to the deaths of more than 6.5 million people in 50 US cities between 1989 and 2000.”

They found that during two-day cold snaps there was a 1.59% increase in deaths because of the extreme temperatures. However, during similar periods of extremely hot weather death rates went up by 5.74%. Deaths did not rise as steeply when temperature fluctuations were less extreme.

Deaths from all causes are known to rise when temperatures go up, and heart attacksand cardiac arrests are more likely when it is very cold. It was anticipated that global warming would increase deaths during hot temperatures but that this would be compensated for by fewer deaths in the winter.

Higher temperatures over the coming decades are expected to cause more smoggy/cloudy days and heat waves, helping with the a greater number of illnesses and deaths in the United States, according to international climate scientists.

Global warming has serious implications for all aspects of a humans life, including infectious diseases. The effect of global warming depends on the complicated interaction between the humans and the different diseases that are influenced or helped by Global Warming. From the human point, changes in the environment may trigger human migration, causing disease patterns to change and causing the different diseases to adapt to all different weathers....

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