English Stopping by the Woods

English Stopping by the Woods

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ENGLISH- Explain the meaning of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Using proof from every stanza

The poem ‘stopping by the woods on a snowy evening ‘ shows one persons momentary encounter with nature.

Stopping by woods on a snowy evening is about how the rider who wants to die in a dark & quiet place in this woods area, as he was alone in the night. He showed no guilt or fear in trespassing. The horse who sensed danger and unusual surroundings awaken the rider, the rider then came to realize that his duties & commitments in life was not yet complete.

In this opening stanza, the setting makes it clear as a winter evening in a dark and quiet environment. ‘’To watch his woods fill up with snow ‘ shows that he is trespassing so that he can watch the snowfall and as the speaker enjoys the scenery watching the snow fall quietly in on the woods.

The quote from stanza 2 and 3 ‘my little horse must thinks its queer’ & ’ he gives his harness bells a shake’’ shows us that the horse that the speaker travelled with to get to the woods sensed danger and unusual surroundings, shakes his harness to awaken the rider as the horse knows its nature and has a strange and unusual feeling stopping by an unknown place.

In the last stanza, ‘the woods are lovely, dark and deep’ shows he's at a dark place in his life "and miles to go before I sleep" refers to his promises that need to be complete also the quote ‘and miles to go before I sleep’ shows has miles of thing he had to in life to do before he sleeps as it may represent death.


1. How would you describe the speaker? Who is he contrasted with?
2. The speaker says he thinks he knows who owns the woods. Why might he be uncertain?
3. Stanza two and three show the speaker referring to the responses of his horse. What natural explanation can be given for its impatience? He horse is impatient because it is not use to the environment and as it doesn’t understand...

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