English summary kite runner

English summary kite runner

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Kite runner
Chapter number 13
The chapter opens with the ceremony for "giving word." Baba and Amir are at the Taheri's house to formally ask the General to accept Amir into their family.
General is ready to accept Amir into their family which results in applause and general good cheer.
Baba spends almost his whole life savings on Amir's wedding. $35,000.
Many ceremonies take place during the period.
Amir thinks of Hassan
Soraya and Amir move in with Baba since he's very sick.
One day Amir finds Soraya reading to Baba. She's reading him Amir's stories. Amir can't take it and leaves the room crying. Baba finally supports Amir's writing.
About a month after the wedding, Baba dies in his sleep.
The funeral is held at a mosque in Hayward.
Soraya tells Amir about her past
So, Amir and Soraya are married now. Since Baba has died, they move into a one-bedroom apartment. Amir declares English as his major; Soraya enrolls a year later and declares Education. General Taheri isn't happy with Soraya's major – he wanted her to be a lawyer or politician.
Amir finishes his first novel. A lot of other things are going on while Amir becomes a successful writer.
Amir and Soraya, can't get pregnant. They go see a doctor; Amir passes his tests, but Soraya doesn't. She has something called "Unexplained Infertility," which apparently isn't uncommon.
The chapter ends with Amir and Soraya buying a house in Bernal Heights.

Chapter 14
The chapter opens with Amir talking to Rahim Khan, who is sick. Rahim Khan asks Amir to come back to Afghanistan:
Amir decides to go to Afghanistan to see Rahim Khan.
The chapter ends with Amir on a flight to Aghanistan.

Chapter 15
Amir lands in Peshawar. The city reminds him of Kabul – the taxi driver tells Amir that many of his fellow Afghans have ended up in a section of the city called "Afghan Town." The driver drops Amir off at Rahim Khan's building. Rahim Khan doesn't look so good.
Amir and Rahim Khan talk about...

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