English Teaching

English Teaching

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Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas


Pedagogical experience and research in primary school I

Seventh semester

Miguel Ángel Sánchez Zapata - 20101165069


For closure we decided to make a fair in the school, in which the English teachers had to show the process of learning of the students, I arrived to the school at 11:30 am, and I began to prepare everything related with the fair, for that activity I would show the colored sheep that they have done in the previous class, also, I would show the Snorlax that they very well know, because with the Snorlax they practice the vowels in English language, finally I would show two more activities for the colors, the first one was a worm made with cardboard circles of the primary colors and one secondary (green) that they have paint in the classroom three classes before, and the second one was a little solar system, with some planets of primary colors that they have paint three classes before.

After that I helped some colleagues to organize their activities in the auditorium, the main idea was to begin with the activity at 12:30 pm, but some colleagues arrive at that time, and they needed to organize everything, that is why, we begin with activity at 1:30 pm; before the presentation, I went to my classroom and I take some pictures to my students in the classroom, it was very sad, because it is the last time that I saw them, by the way I spent some time with them, it was great.

When the children were walking and looking everywhere in the fair, I had some difficulties, because some courses (specially first, and third grade) they were completely undisciplined, because they touched everything, they made a lot of noise; another aspect that I want to highlight is the absence of the head teachers of the school, they did not appear in the event, they were complete absent, I would really appreciate if they would have been in the fair, because it is their school, and...

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