English test

English test

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Part 1 : Vocabulary

1. I always _________my friends who work in America
a) keep an eye on
b) keep in touch with
c) deal with
d) take it easy on

2. I want to know the ________ of this wood. How long is it?
a) length
b) width
c) strength
d) depth

3. Tom: Is this your jacket?
Anna : No, it isn't mine. It ___________ to David.
a) belows
b) belongs
c) blows
d) of

4. Hydroelectric power is another name for electricity ___________ by water power.
a) prevented
b) discovered
c) produced
d) invented

5. They___________ that caring for children is an important job.
a) respect
b) consult
c) appreciate
d) blame

6. He lives in a very vibrant part of the city.
a) exciting
b) boring

c) old
d) new

7. If you are going to send it by post, you should put it in a sturdy box.
a) big
b) strong
c) wood
d) metal

8. The price of fruit may vary each week.
a) expensive
b) very
c) change
d) increase

9. They are required to ___________ competence in both writing and reading.
a) begin
b) demonstrate
c) test
d) take

10. This shopping mall is located in a good _____________.
a) price
b) market
c) location
d) point

Part 2 : Conversation

11. A: Hello. May I speak to Mr.George?
B: ____________________.
a) I am speaking.
b) He is speaking.
c) I am calling.
d) He is saying.

12. You want one of your friends to have fun on his holiday. You say "_________"
a) Have a good holiday!
b) Let bygones be bygones!
c) Bon Voyage!
d) Break a leg!

13. You want to ask someone the way to Surasak skytrain station. You say "________________?"
a) Excuse me, how do I get to Surasak skytrain station
b) Sorry sir, where Surasak skytrain station is
c) Could you tell me where is Surasak skytrain station
d) Can I know how far is it

14. You want to invite your friend to have lunch with you at the cafeteria. You say "____________"
a) Have lunch now
b) Let's have lunch
c) May I invite you to have...

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