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Do you believe free condoms should be distributed for students, in schools?

U.S. teen pregnancy rates are one of the highest in the world. Each year, almost 750,000 U.S. women ages 15–19 become pregnant. One-fifth of pregnancies happen while in high school. Sexual education or Sex-ed , classes are provided in most high schools or middle schools, teaching us to be abstinent, but yet still 750,000 teens are becoming pregnant, each year. So in my personal opinion, I think schools should distribute condoms to sexually active teens.
Some people may say “Providing condoms to teens promotes sexual activity.” In some way it does, but teens who are not sexually active and choose abstinence are not going to take up on the offer of free condoms, rather than those who are sexually active. Schools that distribute condoms, are making a statement showing that if you’re going to be sexually active, use protection. Providing condoms in high school would give protection against pregnancy and STDs to otherwise at risk teens.
There are a lot of things that promote sexual activity to teens, and they hardly even notice. Every time you walk into Abercrombie & Fitch their propaganda technique is “infused with nudity and sexuality”. When you see a axe commercial the company's racy ads show woman tackling, licking, and chasing men once they douse themselves with AXE. Or when you buy a back of Dentyne ice gum their slogan is “practice safe breath” opposed to the saying “Practice safe sex”. Teens exposed to sexual content through music, movies, television, and magazines are twice as likely to become sexually active within two years.

Schools need to stop trying to hide this issue and make the decision to at least provide some means of protection. Whether you think it sends wrong messages, its not. Because it is already a proven fact that condoms drastically decrease pregnancies and STDs if they are properly used. If a school had the option to either provide condoms,...

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