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I) A good voice is not only an effective possession for the professional speaker, it is a mark of personal culture as well, and even a distinct commercial asset.

II) there are three fundamental requisites for a good voice:
*EASE: the secret of a good voice is relaxation; it is the basis of ease. Contract the muscles of your face and throat as you speak in the moment of hatred, and flame out "I hate you". Now relax as you do when thinking gentle, tender thoughts, and say, "I love you". How different the voice sounds.
In sound exercises and in speaking never force your tones. ease must be your watchword. the voice is a delicate instrument, and you must not handle it with hammer and tongs.

The next fundamental requisite for good voice is:
*OPENNESS: sound is a series of waves, and if you make a prison of your mouth, it will be very difficult for the tone to squeeze thought, and even when it does escape it will lack force and carrying power. Open your mouth wide, relax all the organs of speech, and let the tone flow out easily.
III) * How to develop the carrying power of the voice:
_ It is not necessary to speak loudly in order to be heard at a distance. It is necessary only to speak correctly.
_Remember to apply the principles of ease, openness and forwardness. they are the prime factors in enabling your voice to be heard at a distance
_Voice is a series of air vibrations to strengthen it two things are necessary:
_More air or breath.
_Mora vibration.
_ Do Not try to speak too long without renewing your breath.

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