1) What specific professional strengths does O Conner identify in Jose Antonio for his amazing success?

He identify some strength’s like a young man that he can gets whatever you are doing, he consider him Quick, articulate, savvy and full of energy. Also what he most liked and identify is his courage to risk everything he had accomplished in the USA in order to tell the truth because even he had been so successful he didn’t felt complete so he risk to tell the truth and decided to write and say about “my life as en immigrant undocumented”.

2) What is your reaction to O Connor account on his first meeting with Vargas? Do you see Vargas as full of energy, or do you think he is also arrogant?

I think because of its success he is quick, articulate and full of energy. He is a young man with new ideas and new ways how to see his job so when he says “these guys don’t understand” “They should fire most of the editors and hire a bunch of graphic designers” It seems like he is arrogant but it only the way he is. He see that they are not doing a good work and think their things they need to do better to be the best.

3) Why does O’Conner see Vargas as a hero? Do you think he makes a convincing case? If not, what additional evidence do you think he needs to present?

In my opinion O’Conner see him like a hero because he already had so many success in different type of events at Huff-po also like a freelancer for major national magazines, and with all the fame he had and the success he even came out as gay and wrote movingly about how he could and would no longer keep secrets about who he has and how he felt. Despite of amazing success Vargas still felt incomplete so then its when he decides to confess that he was an and undocumented and immigrant person at United States. These details are the ones that make O’Conner make feel like Vargas was a Hero.

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