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Had to right an essay on a subculture I was invvoled in and part of the grade we have to post it as an "action text" somewhere that our subculture is involved. Its really long so feel free to skim it and tell me if you think it sucks or what not.

Research Essay: World of Warcraft, More than a Game

Hobbies to some are collecting model trains, finding rare coins, or trading baseball cards but for me I prefer to patrol the northern peaks of Icecrown on my Onyx Netherdrake looking for Titanium mining nodes. Of course this is not a real event but a virtual one. On any given day I can be found exploring the world of Azeroth the setting of World of Warcraft one of the world’s most popular computer games and my subculture I chose to observe.
As someone who has been vigorously involved with the World of Warcraft since its game testing phases I figured it would be the perfect topic for my Subculture project. The World of Warcraft or WoW as it is commonly referred to is one of the many popular online games known as MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) which is a fancy way of saying a game where you select and customize your own virtual avatar and play the game live online with players all around the world. Players then level and battle their way to the level cap, which is 80 at the moment, and then can farm resources, battle other players, or join groups to take down bosses just to name a few of the endless things you can do in the game.
While gaming has recently become a more and more culturally relevant and accepted pastime; there are still some games that come with the stigma of being a basement dweller with no outside contact. The World of Warcraft is not immune to these stereotypes but myself and 12 million other players in the world flock to the game for more than recreation. The game offers three main things that keep players coming back: a sense of anonymity, individualism, and a social identity for players and this is what keeps us...

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