INTESOL Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Pre-Interview Task

Candidate name: Farvazova Alina Rafisovna

Please read and answer the following questions. Write all your answers on the sheet. Please refer to any grammar or methodology books if needed.
The purpose of these tasks is to introduce you to some of the features of the course and provide a starting-point for the selection interview.



• Identify the following tense and verb forms in italics.

a) I’m visiting Mary next week.
Present Continuous, to be + present participle

b) How long have you lived in that town?
Present Perfect, have/has + past participle

c) By this time next week, I’ll have finished the course.
Perfect Future, will + have + past participle

d) The hotel was built about two hundred years ago.
Past Simple, passive voice (was/were + past participle)

• In the following incorrect sentences, look at the verbs in italics and:
a) correct the sentence
b) name the correct tense
c) say what the meaning of the correct tense is.


He’s visiting his grandmother every Sunday.
a) He visits his grandmother every Sunday.
b) Present Simple
c) Used to express habitual actions.

1. I’m here now for six years
a) I have been here for six years
b) Present Perfect
c) Used to express the action which has connection with a past.

2. I watch a film at the moment.
a) I'm watching a film at the moment
b) Present Continuous
c) Used to express the action which is taking place at the moment of speach.

3. He has been to Paris six years ago.
a) He was in Paris six years ago.
b) Past Simple
c) Used to express the action which occurred at a certain time in the past.

4. Welcome! Will you like a cup of tea?
a) Welcome! Would you like a cup of tea?
b) Present simple + Modal Verb
c) Used when offering something or inviting...

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