Complete this task and enclose it with your application form. If necessary use a grammar book to help you.

1. Parts of speech
Match the underlined words with the parts of speech. Fill in the grid below.
1. I went to the cinema yesterday. a) noun
2. He plays tennis very well. b) adverb
3. I ’m going to the station. c) verb
4. I’m going to the supermarket. d) preposition
5. Could I have a ticket please? e) definite article
6. She put the baby to bed. f) indefinite article
7. Cambridge is a beautiful city. g) adjective


2. The tense system

a) Match the underlined words with the tenses below.
For many years now we (1) have been referring to English as a global language. Everybody seems to be learning English and people all over the world (2) use English as a means of communication in all areas of education, work and technology. By the end of this century English (3) will have become the second language of all the people in the world. This is happening while (4) I’m speaking to you. We can’t be certain of how long the process (5) will take but there is no doubt that it will happen. English (6) began its development in Great Britain and spread across the globe through the Commonwealth nations. The main feature of the English language that (7) has made it so popular globally, is its adaptability. The English language has taken on words from many other languages and cultures, giving it its great diversity.
Present Simple Present Perfect Continuous
Present Continuous Future Simple
Past Simple Future Perfect
Present Perfect Simple

b) Do these sentences refer to the present, past or future time, or a combination of these times?

1. They arrive in Sydney on Sunday.

2. I’ve been working here for 3 months.

3. She’s locked herself out.

4. He’s seeing the doctor later this afternoon.

5. I wish I had more money.

3. Correcting Student Errors
Each of...

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