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English 10 CP Semester Exam Study Guide

Part I: Vocabulary

Word Lists:
• Persuasive Unit
• Fast Food Nation
• Black Boy

Test Format: Definition Matching and Sentence Completion using a dictated Word Bank (spelling counts!!)

How to Study: See review sheet for a comprehensive list of words that will be pulled from each vocabulary unit. Use each unit list to pull definitions for vocabulary flashcards.

Part II: Grammar

• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Parallelism/Parallel Structure
• Verb Tense
• Pronoun Consistency
• Pronoun Ambiguity
• Misplaced Modifier

Test Format: SAT and CAHSEE style multiple choice questions. Identify the error AND label the error type (error names will be provided).

How to Study: Review old grammar warm-ups and Problems with Verbs Study Sheet

Part III: Visual Analysis

• OPTIC analysis (Overview, Parts, Title, Interrelationships, Conclusion)

Test Format: Given a visual, complete an OPTIC analysis. Remember, the conclusion should be written as a developed paragraph and should be 6-8 sentences long.

How to Study: Review OPTIC analysis sheet. Remember the different “parts” of an image: line, focal point, contrast, text, patterns.

Part IV: Essay

• Supporting ideas with references to text and specific examples
• Expressing a clear position on an issue

Test Format: Based on our in-class seminars on both Cheating and Racial Epithets and Slurs, write a three paragraph response to one of the following prompts. Support your response with a variety of evidence, including references to Black Boy, reading packets, “Strange Fruit,” “Mother to Son,” “What Happens to a Dream Deferred?,” and the documentary The N-Word. You must include specific quotations from at least two sources we used in class to support your ideas.


1) Cheating: Does cheating cause more harm than good? Take a position in which...