Enhancing a Learner-Centered Environment

Enhancing a Learner-Centered Environment

תוכנית מחקר לדוקטורט
Ph.D. Research Proposal

שם בעברית
Awad Sharaf

הנושא בעברית
We make it, we share it, but each of us owns it-
Collaborative Design of an Undergraduate e-Enabled Course

Prof. Bat-Sheva Eylon
פרופ' בת-שבע אלון

July 2010
???? 5770



The Rationale
Teaching undergraduate physics courses at Al-Quds University for several years, one could easily realize that most students lack the motivation for studying physics. When tested for conceptual understanding, even those students; who were considered high achievers by entrance exams and others acceptance standards, show very low performance, the fact that usually leads to more dissatisfaction and even a state of depression. Not a single initiative had been carried out over the past years to tackle this issue, not even for the sake of diagnosis. University teachers just keep blaming the schooling and the educational system, traditional lecturing stays on top of the approaches in use, graduates of science disciplines join the work force where many are accepted as school teachers; despite their low performance at interviews, their students score very low at national and international diagnostic tests (TIMSS), decision makers claim that teachers training programs and university programs need to be revised and the cycles goes on.
It's time to act, to give students responsibility for their own learning, to allow them to engage in constructing knowledge, acquiring skills and building understanding; within a framework of collaborative learning and rich social interaction that they have never been exposed to before.
We live in a world where information is becoming more and more at our fingertips....

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