Style Guide for Social Work 1350 Papers
McGee – Fall 2008

This is a brief version of the style guide for Social Work 1350. It should answer most of your questions about paper requirements.

All assignments for this class must follow the following style guidelines. Papers that do not conform will not be read and will automatically earn half credit.

1. Due dates and times: Due dates for all papers are on the syllabus.
a. Papers are due by the end of the class period on the day noted in the syllabus.
b. Late papers will not be read and will be automatically given half credit.
c. You will not be given the opportunity to rewrite the paper.

2. Length: All papers must adhere to the length specified in the syllabus.
a. Page counts do not include either the title page or the references cited section.
b. Papers that exceed the given length will not be read in entirety and may result in a lower score if required information is on the pages past the given length.

3. Paper, margins, spacing, typeface and point size:
a. All written work must be submitted on 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
b. The paper must be double spaced with one inch margins.
c. The paper must be submitted in 12 point "Courier" or Times New Roman font.
d. All papers that diverge from these guidelines will not be read and will receive half credit.
e. You will not be given the opportunity to rewrite the paper.
f. You must attach a blank copy of the Out-of-Class Report Guide to the back of your all assignments for grading purposes.

4. ALL References should be in APA style (cited within the text and in a reference list at the end of the paper). Your class textbook, agency procedure manuals, brochures, organizational charts, agency websites, etc. are all considered resources and must be cited. Your class APA Manual explains how and when to reference the major sources for this class. Attached are some more guidelines that will assist you with your citations....

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