Enlightened small mobile press common troubleshooting methods

Enlightened small mobile press common troubleshooting methods

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With the vast number of consumer health awareness increases, people are gradually changing the traditional diet, natural vegetable oil is

becoming popular by the "green" food. Small automatic oil you use to get people witnessed rapeseed, peanut squeeze nutrient-rich, mellow taste of edible vegetable oil, and small oil press oil extraction but also the whole process open and transparent, it will certainly be

assured purchase. Press equipment, according to state regulations quality "three guarantees" law, one year warranty and lifetime maintenance, equipment

manufacturers consignment agent, regardless ends of the earth, nationwide home installation, tour guide production to ensure the normal operation of

replacement parts manufacturers express delivery, nationwide tour service within a technician. Able to work out of poverty, entrepreneurship can be rich.

Press with advanced patented technology, excellent product quality, dedicated service to make your backing, so you buy, ease to use, liking to start

their own business, with your success as a model for our field publicity to create a win-win situation. Small mobile press common troubleshooting methods:

A sudden stop, the early death of the screw shaft ① press card, virgin bore grinding heat that is not caused by a large number of feed available hot

oil seeds (also used to heat water, dry cake) slowly feed mill repeatedly, so that the temperature rise high. ② crushing process, virgin bore cutting,

and then a lot of feed, resulting in poor nesting, virgin bore blockage caused by oil. Therefore, when feeding continuous and uniform, not too thin cake.

Once a fault occurs, immediately turn off the power, the feed adjustment plate Chasi, stop feeding and nesting plate open, pour open the screw shaft, making

it quits. Then remove the inner bore of oil, re-press. ③ oil unliquidated election, there are stone, metal and other hard foreign matter into the virgin bore cause.

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