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Company Overview

Apple Inc. is an American computer technology company. It leads the industry in innovation with its award-winning desktop and notebook computers, OS X operating system, iLife and its range of professional applications. Apple also leads the digital music revolution with its iPod portable music players and iTunes online music store.

Swot Analysis

|Strengths |Weaknesses |
| | |
|Strong brand image |Declining research and development (R&D) |
|54% of Apple Profits are in foreign markets |No Dividends |
|High Quality Products |Quality Product control |
|Innovation |The Scare of LBO “Leveraged Buyout” |
|Product Diversification |Lack of Debt |
| | |
|Opportunities |Threats |
| | |
|Smartphone’s |Intense competition |
|Booming MP3 player markets |Exchange rates |
|Enlarge target market with new product “Nike”...