Enterprise Systems Education Competing Through Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Systems Education Competing Through Supply Chain Management

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David S. Ang
Tom Griffin
Jane Goodson
Auburn University Montgomery-School of Business
7071 Senators Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36117, U.S.A.

The U.S. and other developed nations are experiencing competitiveness in offering attractive higher educational degree programs to increase enrollment and graduation rates. Due to the rise of more private and online educational institutions, existing traditional class room teaching institutions are facing the impact of intensifying competition in recruitment and graduation. This created the so-called “Enterprise Systems Education” at large. Many strategies are designed and developed internally to attain competitiveness among this type of “Enterprise Systems Education”. One should realize that managing their own operations by designing competitive degree programs and developing strategies internally to attain competitiveness are not adequate. However, they should consider adopting the systems concept of close collaboration and integration efforts with the industries which the commercial enterprises have deployed successfully for decades. This paper describes the use of Supply Chain Management (SCM) principles as an effective strategy to attain competitiveness for these so-called “Enterprise Systems Education” institutions.

Keyword: Enterprise Systems Education, Competitiveness, Supply Chain Management

The definition of “enterprise” can be defined as sharing a set of common goals by assemblage organizations. Current practices at the higher learning institution in U.S. are examples of enterprises. Higher learning institutions share the common goals working toward achieving competitiveness in increasing enrollment and improving graduation. Due to the arise of more private institutions and online degree programs offered, existing traditional class room teaching universities, public or private are...

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