Entity Business Plan

Entity Business Plan

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Entity Business Plan
Tita Kimbeng
University of Phoenix
BUS/415: Business Law
Instructor: Stuart Schwartz
May 12, 2008

Entity Business Plan

Business entities are legally recognized organizational units which provides goods and services against some kind of reward generally money. Two major business entities exist; for-profit business entities and nonprofit business entities. This paper focuses on a for-profit business entity.

The Exportation and E-Commercialization of Tahitian Pearls

The e-commercialization of Tahitian pearls strives to provide affordable high quality pearl jewelry such as necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets to all men and women with an elite sense of beauty. The commercialization of exquisite Tahitian pearl jewelry targets all women above 30. However, pearls are for all personalities wishing to manifest an outward expression of their intrinsic beauty. This business has three distinct stages of operations namely; the acquisition of Tahitian pearls, the production of ready-to-wear pearl jewelry and the direct sale of the pearl jewelry through the internet.
The Acquisition of Tahitian Pearls
Acquiring Tahitian pearls involves travelling to Tahiti, acquiring an export license, contacting pearl cultivators, purchasing pearls and transporting them to the point of production.
Producing ready-to-wear pearl jewelry involves pulling together all the resources needed in the production. These resources include raw material such as the pearls, gold and silver chains, bracelets, pendants and rings. Furthermore, some personnel such as artisans will have to be hired.
Amongst the various avenues of sale, the internet is most attractive for a small start up business striving to deliver essentially luxury goods at the lowest possible prices, reduce inventory costs and benefit from a global reach of clients.

This business plan paper will elucidate why a limited liability company is most suited for the pearl...

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