RuMe reaches out to customers that want to stay true to core values of style, function and eco-consciousness, and also customize its product line in order to meet individual specifications. RuMe stands for Re Use me as they are eco friendly, they offer Bags that are reusable for any situation gym bag, diaper bag, wrapping paper and are very affordable.

When looking to purchase from RuMe there are many options as they have an online store and also many retailers that can be found on their site. Many of the stores include fashion stores, local stores, book stores, gift shops and Target.

In comparison to competitors RuMe uses their online store and customization to differentiate themselves.

Promotion is easy with ads placed all over the Internet and in local shops the best time to promote is throughout the day because that most likely when the target market will be tuning in.

RuMe’s innovative product is the RuMe Bag. RuMe's are a better bag... because they're incredibly functional: The long 11.5" handle is sized to carry over any shoulder - male or female - even while wearing a bulky winter coat.
The innovative box-stitch sides and bottom design offers a structured environment for loading goods, while maintaining a flexible space for over-sized, bulky items.
Made from water-resistant 180 denier polyester, bags can hold up to 50lbs.
When not in use, a set of three RuMe Bags can be rolled and tied together for simple, compact carrying and storage; the patent-pending enclosure system enables three bags to roll up to about the size of a cup of coffee.
RuMe's are made a better way... because they're manufactured thoughtfully:
RuMe Bags are designed and packaged following a no-waste philosophy, so there is no superfluous packaging or waste.
RuMe products are designed in Denver, Colorado
The location of the business – convenient for customers

They have different retailers in all 50 states and recently collaborated with target

RuMe is...