1.0 Introduction

1.1 Name of the company

1.2 Nature of business
NASLaundry is a public company that focuses on apublic service,laundry

1.3 Industry profile
The main idea for developing this business is to provide laundry services for working people. Since working people will be home at home at night,they do not have enough time to wash their own cloth. So, they will prefer to send their cloth to the laundry that will save their time. Besides,this area only has Chinese’s laundry shop. So it is easy for us to compete because the majority of citizen in this area is Malay.

1.4 Location of business
NAS Laundry is located at Lot 123, JalanPerpaduan, Taman Perpaduan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. The location is strategic because it is at the centre of a housing area where there is a primary school.

1.5 Date of commencement
Our company will commence operation on 18 April 2010.

1.6 Factors in selecting the proposed venture
We have decided to establish the laundry business due to opportunity and potential to make profit at Taman Perpaduan area. Besides that, there are two reasons why we decided to establish NAS Laundry.
Firstly, we observed that the Taman Perpaduan area lacks of Malay’s laundry shop. The available laundry shop is own by Chinese. The majority citizen in this area is Malay and we think it is a right place to start our business because we can be the only Malay’s laundry shop.
Secondly, this area provides a low rent house. When there is a low rent house, it will be chosen by bachelor to stay in this area. As a bachelor, they will try to make their life as easy as they can. So they will choose to send their clothes to a laundry.

1.7 Future prospects of the business
Once the business is financially stable, we plan to open another branches and expand our business in other housing areas. Besides that, we would like to improve and upgrade the quality of services. To...