Entrepreneurs vs. Managers

Entrepreneurs vs. Managers

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The global economy has arrived. An Increasing number of not only large corporations but medium and small firms are going international. A major challenge of doing business internationally is to adapt effectively to different cultures. Such adaptation requires an understanding of cultural differences. Communication takes an important role in an organization because of the difficulties in conveying meanings between parties from different cultures. As a business Communication Manager I must reassure that my staff can understand and overcome the problems and conflicts may arise. Let’s evaluate and discuss the barriers of intercultural communication.

Anxiety is a state of uneasiness, uncertainty and fear resulting from the anticipation of an event or situation. For a new expatriate staff it is natural to feel anxiety due to new surroundings. Every time were in a new environment we feel uncomfortable due to being new, feeling tense, feel worried we make mistakes that’s not pleasant to others and most of all we feel out of place. Example of this is on our first day in a new job. We may be conscious of being new and out of place. We are so afraid that we make common mistakes or act something that appear awkward to others. Anxiety will affect expatriate staff’s performance, behavior and mindset. Therefore company should conduct an ice breaking program for the new expatriate staff to know their colleague and familiar with company working environment. If an expatriate staffs can overcome their anxiety it would be easy for them to contribute to the company.

Assuming similarity instead of differences is one of the intercultural communication barriers. If we have no knowledge in other country culture we will always behave like how we behave in our own country. This is because we always treat our culture is the same with other country culture. Each culture have its own differences and unique in its own level. Assuming similarities will cause other people to misinterpret...

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