Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION MANAGEMENT COURSE ASSIGNMENT 1 The final date for submission of this Assignment without penalty is 4th October 2012 Assignment will be accepted for marking 14 days prior to the due date The cut off date for this assignment is 19th October 2012

Late Penalty System Please refer to the Student/Programme Handbook

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Submitting your Assignment

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page size specified as UK A4. All pages must be numbered.

2. MBS Worldwide uses MS Office 2003/2007, therefore any submission from a newer system should be saved using an appropriate format. 3. Assignments may be uploaded once only; substitutions are not permitted and students should therefore ensure that the version uploaded is their final submission. 4. Please ensure you include your student number and the assignment reference in all submitted assignments and that assignments are paginated. Failure to do this may lead either to a grade not being assigned or being wrongly assigned IMPORTANT: ALWAYS RETAIN A COPY OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT
WARNING: Once submitted no substitute assignments will be allowed

Global MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Assignment 1

Group Project: For this Assignment you are required to take part in a group project, to explore a practical theme arising from the course. Topics chosen may be broadly relevant to the new business venture process (e.g. problems with venture capital provision; government support for entrepreneurship; methods of market analysis,...

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