Enviromental Sci

Enviromental Sci

1. What is the current world population?

2. What is the exact time right now?

3. What is the U.S. population right now?
4. Where is California ranked among state populations?

5. What percent of people in the US live in California?

6. Where is Wyoming ranked among state populations?

7. What percent of people in the US link in Wyoming?

8.Where does the US rank among the nations of the world in terms of population?
8. Where does the US rank for life expectancy at birth?

9. What is the life expectancy at birth in the US?

10. Which country has the highest life expectancy at birth and which has the lowest?

Highest, Botswana
Lowest , Mozambique
11. Where in the world did the human population appear to start?

12. What was the world population in 1985?
5 Billion!

14. What is the expected world population in 2020? 8 Billion

15. Select three countries from the list and find the following data:
a. Population:
b. Surface area:
c. Population density:
16. Record the following...

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