Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

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Nowadays, the environmental conditions have become worsen and draw people’s attentions. How to control and improve the earth environment has come into discussion all round the world. I do not agree with the statement that the environmental issue is too complex to be handled by the individual.

Firstly, the environmental issues like globe warming and air pollution are accumulating for so many years and worldwide can’t be solved by one person. That doesn’t mean individual can do nothing. As saying goes every drop of water makes the ocean. On the other words, everyone’s daily life can have good influence on the whole ecosystem. For instance, catalog our daily drafts, turn out the lights and save unnecessary electrics. If everyone can do such little things the complex environmental issue can be handled in near future.

Secondly, some individual like celebrities or scientists can have big influences and change the world a lot. For example, the inventor of the electric car can not only save petroleum but also reduce the carbon dioxide and other globe warming gas. The celebrities can have the influence on the other way, like remind and influence people to protect environment. It is true that environmental issue is complex and can’t be done in one night. Individual who have specific talent and public influence power can make the environment a huge different. It can also be define as handle the environmental issue.

In summary, efforts of individuals are very small but if accumulate to a lot of quality can still handle the environment. Besides, some specific individual can handle the environmental issue in different ways. These are the reasons I do not agree the statement that the environmental issue is too complex to be handled by the individual.

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