Envision Technology

Envision Technology

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Envision Technology
“The Vision of the Future”
Jessica Huskey, President

Marcie Baker, VP of Manufacturing

Hui Zhang, VP of Marketing

Choi Yee Hui, VP of Sales & HR

Mei Liu, VP of Accounting & Finance

Executive Summary
Mission Statement Envision Technology strives to provide efficient, reliable and user-friendly computer technology in a multinational environment. We work to provide hassle-free products, so our customers can focus on what is important to them... their business. Past & Present At the end of quarter three, Envision Technology was leading the pack in terms of financial performance, brand judgment, and market share in all of our targeted segments. We achieved this position by targeting the highest demand areas for our products and entering those markets first so that we could gain brand recognition relatively quickly. Our strategic plan to be a fast follower was a little difficult to implement because our performance exceeded that of our competitors. We worked to improve our brand judgments and advertising judgments in the fourth quarter, but underestimated our competition’s business savvy and were surpassed slightly in these areas. However, while the competitor was focusing on imitating our brands, Envision was working to improve not only the brands, but also the efficiency in which we produced those brands in addition to expanding our capacity. We were able to improve our factory efficiency from 69% to 80%. Our initial target markets were the Traveler and the Workhorse. In quarter four, we created a new brand to include the Mercedes, which was a completely untouched market segment. We knew that the competition did not have the resources that Envision had, and thus it would be easier for us to target this market than our competitors. Objectives Envision Technology will increase sales to more than $42,000,000 in the next four quarters by focusing on...

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