Equal Employment Opportunity Laws and Regulation

Equal Employment Opportunity Laws and Regulation

Case Study 2010

Human Resources
Dr. Chris McChesney

Being in a top level management puts employer’s in a position where the company have to make a decision that will effect them in any way. Rules and regulations needs to be implemented at all times and a company needs to complete an HR audit every 6 months to keep updated information. No matter what situation it maybe address it in an professional manner and do what it is best for the company.

Case Study

Every Company must be in “Compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations” Human Resource management should have an Equal Employment Opportunity policy statement and maintain required Equal Employment Opportunity related records on file (Mathis & Jackson, 2007, p. 3.). Records such as application forms and documents concerning hiring, promotion, and demotion, etc must be kept for at least three years. The applicant personal references and/or pervious employment should have been contacted, it has been a year and employee does not have the degree needed for his or her position. Top Management wants the situation-addressed matter must be handled accordingly and diligently.
Being put in this situation is awkward because the employee is a great asset to the company; do not want to make the wrong decision. The decision must be a non-bias decision and knowing the applicant is even worse. Therefore, the decision must be fair and equal to any punishment that is given to any other employee. Make sure that the employee does not leap the information out to the employees around the office that will cause issues in the workplace. With that said, the decision has been made.
A mandatory meeting with the employee will be scheduled on the same business day. Employee will be explained thoroughly why the meeting was scheduled and what is expected of he or she after the decision has been made. Employee will be suspended without pay until decision is made; employee was sent home....

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