Equality in Jobs

Equality in Jobs

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Equality or equal society implies that everyone enjoys the same rights. Everyone is bound by the same laws, has access to the same health care and education, and equal opportunity to employment. Given the diversity in race, social status and economic status in our society, true equality can be difficult to achieve.
Depending on our age, we all have specific laws we need to follow in Canada. Some would argue that equality is not as clearly defined within our justice system (court, judge, jury). Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have our own personal biases. A jury is instructed to only take the facts of the evidence into consideration. However, is this always the case, or are there flaws in this system? Certainly, I feel that it is the best we can offer, but I am not convinced that it demonstrates true equality.

As Canadians, we are very fortunate to have access to health care which is subsidized by our government. Regardless of race, age, social or economic status, we are all entitled to equal health care, whether it be for medication or a surgical procedure. We all benefit greatly from this program, which I feel to be an example of equality in our society.

When the issue of equal opportunity is raised, not everyone will be in agreement. We are all entitled to free education through our public school system, however, not all Canadians have the luxury of being able to afford post secondary studies. Without a college or university degree, people are less likely to secure a high-paying job. This leads to inequality. Another weakness worth mentioning again is our bias. In the case of two candidates applying for the same position, holding the same qualifications, one could easily be chosen over the other due to personal feelings of the employer. Our Canadian Human Rights Commission protects us from these injustices, but they are not always easily detected.

Canadian society demonstrates equality among it's people far better than other societies...

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