Equipped with automatic promotion functions of oil press equipment basic belong to cold pressing machine

Equipped with automatic promotion functions of oil press equipment basic belong to cold pressing machine

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See such a topic will have a lot of people, equipped with automatic feeding and pressing process what's the difference?This is a problem that many users questioned, actually this is very good answer, just this one by one and we talk about today.

After entering the agricultural machinery, automation of many farm machinery are facing transformation and improve degree of automation, automatic oil press equipment is under such a historical background of being developed, but there are a lot of production on the basis of round row old models also want to the improvement of automation, but after years of improvement, accurate said that change is not fully realize the effect of a draining the raw material.Because this type oil screw press (http://www.palmmill.com/Products/proc/41.html) equipment itself has a lot of problems, the core of things on the squeezing of the cylindrical oil line clearance, the circle line of the old with the gear as the main process, this process while in history and the service life is to occupy a certain advantage, but there is no advantage for squeezing pressure and extrusion.Model again can only come from other places to find a way to automation, automatic promotion function became its life-saving straw.

Here said to automatic promotion is not automatically improve the raw material, but send it again without squeezing into the bread or cake and a lot of residual oil is expected to once again ascend back to squeeze in the chamber through the secondary crushing, the material and the process without manual operation, it is cold pressed to automatic promotion function.

And for processing materials of secondary ascension does not represent is helpful to the promotion of raw materials, the problems inherent in the design, if it is the third time squeezing out the material not be promoted again, and went in.Feed opening is not only the design of an automatic conversion, then again who ensure raw materials is just the press twice, then...

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